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Casa Terracota Admission Ticket

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Casa Terracota is a private institution that has been built with the personal effort of the architect. Our purpose is to preserve this building as an icon of design and architecture, and to create an environment where arts can be taught and learned. Therefore, we appreciate your contribution buying the ticket and we kindly request to be careful  during the visit. Please do not walk on the roof, hang from the walls or open the tap. Small-Group Tour is limited to a maximum of 15 travelers.Visit: Casa Terracota, Villa de Leyva ColombiaWhen people come across Casa Terracota during their visit to Villa de Leyva - a small town in Boyacá, Colombia - they immediately feel both attracted and intrigued: What is this place? Who designed such an enormous building of irregular shapes, colors and textures? Why? What is it used for? Who’s the author of it? Who owns it nowadays? How does it feel to step inside or, even, to inhabit it?Besides from being the biggest piece of pottery in the world, Casa Terracota is a matchless work of art: It merges not only architecture and design, but also all the arts and crafts known. This happens because its designer—Colombian architect Octavio Mendoza Morales—believes that they are all key tools in the process of creating innovative spaces, where alternative standards of living can take place; friendly lifestyles not only for the building’s residents, but also for their surrounding community and environment.

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