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Imagen Mundo Marino Park Admission Ticket

Mundo Marino Park Admission Ticket

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5 to 7 hours

Located in San Clemente del Tuyú (320 KM from the City of Buenos Aires) Mundo Marino (Sea World) is today one of the most important entertainment complexes in Argentina, the First Theme Park installed in the country and the largest Oceanarium in South America.With this pre-booked ticket, you will be a witness of the wonders of nature and skills performed by dolphins, sea lions and orcas. Visit the penguins, birds and fishes, all located in areas that recreate their natural habitat.Visit: Mundo Marino, Av. Decima 157, San Clemente del Tuyu ArgentinaThis ticket will give you the opportunity to visit the following attractions: • Refugio del Mar (sea refuge): A presentation of the orca and dolphins where caregivers will show us the world of cetaceans and the work of the Mundo Marino Foundation. • La isla de los Lobos (the island of the sea lions): A presentation where sea lions, sea elephants try to save the island from an evil business woman who wants to build a hotel complex in their habitat. • Albergue de Pinguinos (Penguins shelter): In this place we will find a breeding colony of penguins inside a recreation of their natural habitat. • Bahia de Lobos (Sea lions bay): In this display of natural environment, between rocks and waterfalls, we can be fed and watch the sea lions. • Encuentro Submarino (submarine encounter): You can enjoy a cetaceans watching through a panoramic window of a sink of a diameter of 30 meters. This pool hosts dolphin pups born each year in Mundo Marino. • Safari Terrestre (terrestrial Safari): safari is an expedition guided into the wild natural world to discover how animals, plants and the environment are related to conform a rustic habitat. • Lago Paraíso (Lake Paradise): in this magical lake with a waterfall we will find colorful birds, flamingos, fish and flowers.Everything is ready for you to spend an unforgettable day. Within the Park also we will find different types of foo


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