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Imagen Swim with Dolphins and Seals from Queenscliff

Swim with Dolphins and Seals from Queenscliff

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210 to 240 minutes

Upon arrival @ Sea All Dolphin Swims customers are briefed, fitted out with wet-suits & snorkels prior to departure. First stop is @ Popes eye (Heritage listed reef) where we start off doing some supervised snorkeling and enjoy the vast range of marine life that is located there.Our tour then continues the search for dolphins (Of which are always the priority throughout the tour) on our way to Chinaman's hat which is a refuge for Australian fur Seals , here we have the privilege of a supervised swim with the Seals who are always fun and interactive.When dolphins are sighted or radioed in from other boats/local businesses we proceed to where they are seen and enjoy exciting swims with the dolphinsTours are 3.5 to 4 hours long & light refreshments, hot drinks and snacks are provided in between stops. Plenty of photo & video opportunities exist throughout the tour as well as other adventure activities on the boat.Leaving Queenscliff twice daily during the warmer months, Sea All Dolphin Swims conducts tours within the southern reaches of Port Phillip Bay. Surrounded by the historic fishing ports of Queenscliff and Sorrento, the area boasts some fascinating maritime and military history and is home to the highly diverse Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park, world renowned for its rich biodiversity and unique marine life.Our half-day tour generally starts with a snorkel at Popes Eye (part of the Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park). Its shallow and protected waters are teeming with colourful fish and marine life making it the ideal place to brush up on our snorkelling skills.With our new found skills and a heightened sense of adventure we head off to Chinaman’s Hat, a local haul-out site that is a temporary home to 30-40 young Australian Fur Seals waiting to share their water world with us.Just when you think port Phillip Bay couldn’t get better, we set off in search for the dolphins and usually find them not to far away. Swimming with do


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