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Choose between Perth City Foreshore, the Northern Lakes or the Sunset Coast. Tours have an average distance of about 25 miles (35-40 km). All tours offer an interpretation of the geological formations of the Swan Coastal Plain, visits to historical history sights and an insight into the many varieties of plants and animals, learn about the Aboriginal Culture of the Noongar People's uses of natural resources. The Electric Bikes take the work out of riding - they are electrical assisted, the motor will kick in as you pedal. Forget about hills, the bike will do the work for you.Lake Tour (4-hours)This tour takes in the wonders of three different lake systems. Lake Joondalup to Lake Goollelal. Lake Joondalup is one of the largest lakes in the wetland chain. The tour offers a great variety of plants and animals to see along the way.Lake to North Coast (4-hours)This tour takes in the western side of Lake Joondalup through to Burns Beach Road. Follow Burns Beach Road all the way to Burns Beach. From there, it's a leisurely ride along the coast back to your starting point. This option offers spectacular ocean views as well as many different plants and animals along the way.Lake to South Coast (4-hours)This tour takes in the western side of three lakes through to Hepburn Avenue, down to the coast. From Hillarys Boat Harbour, travel south to North Beach, with a short rest and a bite to eat (own expense) before returning. On this tour you are likely to see Kangaroos in their natural environment.Ocean Reef to Scarborough (4-hours)This tour takes in the spectacular west coast, with 40-kilometers of some of the most beautiful coastline anywhere in the world. Seeing is believing.Fremantle Port Tour (3-hours)aking approximately 3 hours, this tour features the historical landmarks and monuments of Fremantle City. Sights include Monument Hill, Fremantle Prison, and then on to South Mole.


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