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Creswick Woollen Mills Tour

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Creswick Woollen Mills is the home of luxurious, natural fibre products designed in Australia. Founded in 1947 Creswick Woollen Mills is now the only coloured woollen spinning mill of its type in Australia. Located in Creswick, a small country township approximately 120km from Melbourne, only 20 minutes north-east of Ballarat and 20 minutes south-east of Daylesford, Creswick Woollen Mills has become a household name both in Australia and globally. Creswick’s continued success is attributed to ongoing research and innovation, as well as dedication to high quality with exclusive designs. Take a tour through the mill to see the journey of fibre from shearing the wool from the alpaca, through to the manufacturing process to how it ends up on the shop shelf.On arrival at Creswick Woollen Mills, you’ll be met by a friendly staff member, and then you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with resident alpacas.Walk through 'A Very Fine Yarn' (the word 'yarn' means, tell a story, but also means a thread of natural fibres like wool). This showcases the journey of fibre from shearing the wool from the alpaca through to the manufacturing process and how it ends up on the shop shelf. The exhibit gives a great insight into natural fibre, how luxurious fibres are processed and gives visitors a chance to see Australian manufacturing as it happens. See the amazing old working machinery, visit the alpaca viewing deck with the opportunity to fee and pat the alpacas.Visit the largest collection of natural-fibre, unique products in regional Australia created at the Mill including alpaca blankets, alpaca quilts, throws and homewares. There is a great selection of natural-fibre fashion for men, women and children include beautiful soft gloves and scarves.

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