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Imagen Tom's Working Opal Mine: Guided Tours

Tom's Working Opal Mine: Guided Tours

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1 to 2 hours

1.5 hour tour with an experienced tour guide. The guide will demonstrate how to use the divining wires,winch, Explosives, Tunnelling Machine, blower, Auto-Bucket, Jack picks.  see where opal has been found in the past and where we are currently still mining and hoping to find opal in the future. After the tour there is a free noodling area where you can have a dig and try find some opal.The guided tour starts at Tom's Working Opal Mine Coober Pedy at 10am,2pm,4pm daily. The experienced guide will walk you through a working opal mine and demonstrate the winch, divining wires,explosives, tunnelling machine, blower and the jack picks. Each person will get hands on experience and get to have ago at the winch, divining wires, blower and jack picks with UV light and try find your own opal to take home. The guide will also take you through the mine and show you where seams of opal still are and where opals were found in the past. You will see the original Tom's mine where tom mined by hand for 20 years and found his fortune.


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