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Imagen The Crystal Caves Self-Guided Tour

The Crystal Caves Self-Guided Tour

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1 to 2 hours

Journey through Rene’s man-made tunnels and grottos as you share his passion of natural crystals and prehistoric fossils on a self-guided tour of the Crystal Caves. Covering an area of 300 sq meters, the interactive displays allow you to touch and photograph over 600 specimens.Visit: The Crystal Caves, 69 Main St, Atherton, Queensland 4883 AustraliaSituated in the Main street of Atherton, The Crystal Caves follows one man's passion for crystals and fossils from around the world. Equipt with a guide book and a headlamp, you will embark on this self guided tour into the cave. When you enter The Crystal Caves, you enter another world. The lighting is soft and focussed only on shiny sparkly crystals in every nook and cranny of the man-made cave. Your sense of direction becomes disoriented as you wind downwards into the cave. There are crawlspaces and challenges which you can accept or avoid depending on your agility and mindset. You can easily find a quiet corner to sit and contemplate what nature has created millions of years ago. You emerge approximately an hour later with a new appreciation for a science that you barely knew existed and a gratitude for one rockhound who was crazy enough to dedicate his life to show you this unknown world


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